Concepts for all
Trainers, teachers and tutors plus
Insight into
Collaborative learning
by Rosemary Napper & Trudi Newton
A practical guide for everyone whose job is helping adults to learn.
A coherent theory-to-practice handbook that shows how you can apply ideas to make a difference in learning and teaching.
A reflective personal learning resource for teachers.
A4 format, 270 pages, 100 diagrams & charts.
Photocopiable handouts and exercises for teaching purposes.
ISBN 978-0-9537956-3-5
£20 + £6.50 p&p,
or £15+p&p for multiple orders (five or more copies)
TACTICS looks closely at the ‘4th R'  –  Relationships in the learning process. It picks up on ideas from emotional intelligence and practices from emotional literacy, through a framework of Transactional Analysis. The result is an accessible and coherent approach that already-competent educators can use to enhance their capacities and so increase the quality of teaching and learning.
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